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Exterior Painting Tips: Fixing Common Paint Problems

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Dec 6, 2016 1:20:00 PM

Alligatoring is patterned cracking in the surface of the paint film that resembles the regular scales of an alligator.

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Babysitter & Nanny Hiring Help

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Nov 29, 2016 11:05:00 AM

All you need to know about babysitter & nanny hiring help, from questions to ask during an interview to how much to pay. (from

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How Much Does a Remodel Cost and How Long Does it Take?

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Nov 22, 2016 2:41:00 PM

If you’re looking for a sense of how much it will cost to renovate your home, and how long it might take, we’ve got some numbers for you. The 2016 Houzz & Home annual survey gathered information from more than 120,000 registered users of Houzz, including more than 70,000 who renovated in 2015. Their responses provide insight into how your own renovation project might play out.

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If cars were built like houses:

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Nov 15, 2016 2:36:00 PM

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Date Night Ideas

Posted by Gary Yuhas on Nov 8, 2016 2:24:00 PM

How About A Date?

It's not necessary to participate in our Customer Rewards program to find yourself out on a long-overdue date (although we'd really appreciate it!). Try one of the many great date night ideas from this list instead.

Here are some highlights:

    • Play Board Games
  • Explore a Winery
  • Head on a Mini Road Trip
  • Head to a Spa
  • Go to a Museum
  • Serenade Each Other
  • Cook Dinner Together
  • Check Out The Whole List
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Interior Painting Tips: Fixing Common Paint Problems

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Nov 1, 2016 1:02:00 PM

Paint bubbles can form long after the paint has dried. Take steps to avoid this problem before it occurs.

Paint blisters or bubbles occur when the paint film lifts from the underlying surface. The loss of adhesion between the paint film and surface is usually caused by heat, moisture or a combination of both. This condition eventually leads to peeling. It can be corrected, but the underlying cause of the problem must be addressed or it will recur

Most interior paint problems and painting mistakes are correctable. Below you'll find solutions for the most common wall paint problems. (Note: Photos courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute)

 A few common paint problems :

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Health & Safety-Combustion Appliances

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Oct 25, 2016 2:00:00 PM

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Get Organized With a Back to School Checklist

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Aug 31, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Back to school is around the corner. Check out this handy list to make you and your kids' lives easier for the Fall:

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Home Energy Solutions Assessment

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Aug 22, 2016 3:27:31 PM

Home Energy Solutions

The Audit :

A home energy checkup helps owners determine where their house is losing energy and money - and how such problems can be corrected to make the home more energy efficient. A professional technician - often called an energy auditor - can give your home a checkup. You can also do some of the steps yourself. Items shown here include checking for leaks, examining insulation, inspecting the furnace and ductwork, performing a blower door test and using an infrared camera.


  • Healthy & Safety (carbon monoxide levevls & moisture problems)
  • Examine insulation condition and levels
  • Air infiltraion rates ( air leaks )
  • Water heater condition
  • Heating system efficiency

Learn More about the Energy Audit Factsheet

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Free Estimates*

Posted by Tim Nazzaro on Aug 22, 2016 11:54:48 AM

As of August 15, 2016, the RB Painting Plus Free Estimate policy will only apply to owner-occupied properties. Non owner-occupied properties such as MLS Listings and foreclosures will be charged a nominal fee. Thank you for your understanding.

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